Tuesday Madison was a Gunrunner in Louisiana in the early years of the Civil War. The skill of getting things under the noses of people was legendary. She wore a new type of holster under her left arm, and it was hard for anyone to see her pistols. If anyone was searching her ship and found what they were not meant to, they soon went over the rail into the bay, with 1 hole in their head. She was finally gunned down as she broke into a store.

No one knew that Madison had a sticky finger problem. The owner of the store soon found that by wearing The Holster on her hip or in it's original place, most people did not notice her weapon. She also noticed her need for other people's things. She sold the holster quickly. There are 2 of these in the west somewhere. They usually go from Dead owner to new owner, because of their taint.

Power: Opponents will have to make a -2 Notice Roll to find a gun hidden in the holster.

Taint: A character with this holster must steal something of value no less than 50 dollars (per week)