Born During a Shootout

Maybe your character's ma went into labor when she was in a bank when robbers held it up, or maybe she was holding up a stage when her water broke. Any case, that event somehow gave your character few abilities with knives and firearms.

White Chip – Your Character can palm a small gun or throwing knife and fire or throw it in one motion
Red Chip – Your Character can bounce a trick shot a surface for every level in Shootin’: Pistol or Throwin’: Knife
Blue Chip - Your Character take no negative modifiers for called shots.

Flannel-Mouth (3)

They say that picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes all you have is words. A character with a flannel mouth adds +2 Persuasion rolls when speaking the right thing may come into play. The Marshall may want to give the character a –2 when dealing with people who think your character is high-falutin’.

Heeled (3)

Some cowpokes never go anywhere with some sort of weapon. Your character is always armed with a small weapon (a derringer, small knife). Once a Day your character will just happen to have a small weapon on his person. Enemies have overlooked it or somehow missed it.

Pass the Buck (3)

Anyone trying to see if your character is lying is at a -2 to their Scrutinize roll.

Socialite (3)

Some people can move seamlessly in groups of thinkers, politicians and other like-minded groups. Social circles are tight knit groups that don’t cater to outsiders. – Pick a group of people, and then you get a +2 on Rolls dealing with someone from that group.

Taunt (3)

Your wit and ways can wound. Taunting characters can add +2 to Ridicule Rolls. You must have some kind of signature saying or move.