At Sea(3)

Pick a subject, when it was taught in school, you played hooky. Now your character gets –2 on rolls dealing with that subject.


You’ve got cutest little one. You are so adorable and sweet; you look like you couldn’t hurt a fly. Your character subtracts -2 to ridicule and Overawe rolls.


Your character cannot hold liquor, he needs it to get his nerves straight. A character on a bender notices that there guts go up temporarily and his vigor goes down.


You are seen a low-life, thoroughly disreputable person, in the eyes of some others; Subtract - 2 from any friendly persuasion rolls dealing with any “respectable” people. Mudsills and High-Falutin’ do not get along.

Naïve (3)

Why would someone lie? You believe that every word out of someone’s mouth is the truth. You subtract -2 to Scrutinize Rolls.

No Sifu(3)
Edited by Colm Lowery

You were self-taught or for some other reason you were not properly trained. You may stand wrong or your strikes are not properly executed. Additional chi powers and ranks in martial arts skills cost double their usual price for you (after character creation).


Your character never had venture to the other side of the tracks. Your character gets a -2 to streetwise rolls.