Jimmy Jackson was a private in the Confederate Army along with his brother Thad who was a corporal. A month before, Thad had given his brother his old boots. During a skirmish in the Civil War, Thad was cut down by enemy fire. His CO sounded a retreat, but Jimmy broke off. He dodged rifle shot after rifle shot. Then something grazed his head, and knocked him down. Undaunted, Jimmy rolled, got to his feet and ran toward his screaming brother and the advancing enemy. Jimmy put Thad over his shoulder and got him back to friendly lines, but as soon as he handed Thad over, the soldiers around him had looks of shock on their faces. The whole right side of his head was gone. They say he died once he knew his brother was going to pull through.

Power: The wearer gain a +2 to Fear rolls and no multi-action penalty while running.

Taint: The Wearer gains the Loyal and Obligation Hindrances.