They say when he comes into town, people stay awake into the night, because Sebastian Gault carries bad dreams with him. He is thin, a man so thin it hurts to look at him. He often looks at his pocketwatch, and there are some says it ain't a normal watch, but counts down the time until Sebastian Gault finally dies.

He's a killer by trade, and he's only hired by fools or by men with no mercy -- he shoots downed men to make sure they don't get up again, and he has been in the middle of more than one bloodbath. The oddest thing about him, though, is the dreams. People in his vicinity have nightmares. Bad ones. Like they say, a town don't sleep easy till it sees the back of Sebastian Gault. Many a person with memories of terror in the night hope that Sebastian's pocket watch counts down to zero as soon as it can.